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Kiddie Academy Hosts “STEM Adventures” Events
Kiddie Academy® invites Prince George’s County area families to explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at a free indoor event

for Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive educational child care programs, invites local families to share in fun, educational and age-appropriate activities at indoor STEM Adventures Events hosted by Kiddie Academy of Lanham and Kiddie Academy of Laurel. Activities are based on two themes that combine elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in interactive projects that foster learning through play:

Superheroes of STEM: The Sky’s the Limit (measuring activity), Superhero Races (car races with ramps, angles and friction), Design a Superhero Vehicle, Melting Ice Mountain, The Fearless Funnel (demonstrating Bernoulli’s Principle), Target Blaster (creating a spoon and rubber band catapult), Glide Like a Superhero (make a plain straw fly), Secret Superhero Code (coding and programming) and Superhero Boats (demonstrating Newton’s Third Law of Motion)

Let’s Build It!: Cup Towers (stacking cups to build structures), Pretzel Marshmallow Building, How Much Can Your Boat Hold (creating boats that float as they are filled with weight), Three Pig Challenge (construct houses that withstand wind), Newspaper Buildings (build a strong structure with just newspaper and tape), Balancing Act (create a structure you can balance on your fingertip), Marble Pinball Challenge (learn how pinball machines work and build your own), Index Card Towers (build a tall tower using just index card and tape) and Stay Dry (create a shelter for a toy using a variety of unique materials)

These events were designed to introduce kids of all ages and their families to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education through age-appropriate and fun activities, according to Richard Peterson, Chief Academic Officer of Kiddie Academy. “We want our local families to see for themselves all the ways in which Kiddie Academy’s Life Essentials® curriculum taps into children’s natural sense of wonder and discovery as they explore the laws that govern the world around them.” The events also aim to provide parents with ideas on how to bring STEM education into the home.

STEM education in early childhood provides opportunities for building the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and critical thinkers. Recognizing that young children are naturally curious about the world around them, Kiddie Academy, a leader in education-based childcare, integrates STEM activities throughout the Kiddie Academy Life Essentials® curriculum.





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