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Prince George’s County Office of Community Relations Successfully Finishes 100 Events of Summer Initiative
OCR attended 113 community events from June through August

Office of Community Relations

LARGO, Md. (August 30, 2019)— The Office of Community Relations (OCR) attended their final community event this morning of the 100 Events of Summer initiative, a new effort to bring the County Government directly to the residents we serve.  The initiative started in June and resulted in the OCR team attending 113 community events across Prince George’s County throughout the summer.

“You cannot represent people that you don’t know or understand, so I am Prince George’s Proud that our team has attended more than 100 community events this summer,” said Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks.  “We will continue to show up at community events throughout the County and develop innovative ways to bring your County Government directly to you.”

“The 100 Events of Summer gave the OCR team an opportunity to showcase the administration’s visibility, accessibility and accountability as we work to strengthen relationships with our amazing residents,” said Euniesha Davis, Director of the Office of Community Relations.

The 100 Events of Summer initiative provided a way for OCR to connect with Prince George’s County residents on a more personal level while sharing with them the resources available through the County Government.  They attended community events from Laurel to Accokeek, some of which included municipal festivals, health fairs, National Night Out, the PGCPS block party, and events hosted by our County Council.

The Office of Community Relations is the community engagement agency for the County Government, serving as a bridge between the government and residents.  They fulfill that mission by “connecting people and connecting resources.”  OCR is also responsible for overseeing CountyClick 311 and common ownership community associations (such as HOAs).

For more information about the Office of Community Relations, visit the OCR website on



Vie Management Hosts Grand Opening to Celebrate its $5 Million Renovation of Vie Towers
Vie Towers Serves Students from Howard University and the University of Maryland

Vie Management

Hyattsville, Md. (September 6, 2019)—Vie Management, a student housing real estate investment company that promotes healthy lifestyles and takes a hospitality approach to guest services, will host its grand opening of Vie Towers on the evening of September 19. Vie Management acquired Vie Towers in 2018 and has invested $5 million in renovating the community to better serve students from Howard University and the University of Maryland among others.

Vie Towers, located at 6515 Belcrest Road in Hyattsville, Maryland, is a premier, high-rise student housing community that offers residents a hotel feel with a focus on building a community that fosters residents, also known as guests, to be the adults and young professionals they’re striving to be.

“We understand that college can be an exciting, stressful and impactful time,” said director of brand experience Sabine Kadyss. “With Vie Towers, we strive to provide a place that promotes overall well-being and fosters personal development for these students, so they feel confident going out into the world and taking charge of their lives.”

The 910-bed community offers spacious, newly renovated units including two-, three- and four-bedroom options which come fully-furnished with matte appliances and washers and dryers. Each apartment has new faux hardwood floors, electronic key fobs, as well as complimentary high-speed internet and cable, included.

“Living here is truly an experience,” said Kasim B. Dahl, general manager of Vie Towers. “Our entire community, top to bottom, is designed to be luxurious, colorful and modern. With artwork in every corridor and high-end amenities, Vie Towers is not your typical student housing community.”

To promote overall health, Vie Towers offers a Vie Fit 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center with equipment unique to the student housing world, including tires, ropes, an outdoor space and a dance studio. To provide an environment focused on wellbeing, Vie Towers holds various classes to encourage guests to live a healthy lifestyle, including yoga classes and others.

Kahvie Café, Vie Towers’ very own café, offers a one-stop-shop for residents by serving specialty coffees, healthy food and vegan options, providing the perfect place for students to caffeinate and study. Guests can also find the perfect place to focus and do their homework in the tucked away co-working and creative lounge. For those looking to socialize, guests can hang out in the two-story social lounge to enjoy some live entertainment or relax at the rooftop pool or at La Vue Deck.

For personal and professional development, Vie Towers offers various programs including Vie Inspired, which creates opportunities for their guests to give back to the community by hosting clean-ups, building houses and feeding the homeless.

Vie Towers is conveniently located just minutes away from major universities. With a private shuttle system to and from Howard University and the University of Maryland, guests are in a prime location for the perfect combination of live, work, play and study.


Vie Towers, a premier student housing community in Hyattsville, Maryland, provides unparalleled living experiences just minutes away from Howard University and the University of Maryland. With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and personal growth, Vie Towers cultivates an environment for students to become the adults and young professionals they’re striving to be.  For more information visit



Prince George’s County Council Responds to News That Logistics Center Is Not Coming to Westphalia

By KAREur County.


What Money Tips Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

(StatePoint) As we age, we sometimes regret those life lessons that might have served us better when we were younger. If you could roll back the years, what would you tell your younger self about money?

Hill Harper, star of ABC’s “The Good Doctor,” is on a mission to help consumers of all ages take charge of their credit scores and financial futures. Author of The New York Times Best Seller, “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place,” he is dedicated to teaching financial inclusion and literacy. He’s also a spokesperson for Experian Boost, a free, innovative financial tool that empowers consumers to add positive utility and mobile phone bill payment history to their Experian credit files, potentially improving their credit scores instantly.

Knowing what he knows now, Harper is revealing the top financial lessons he would teach his younger self.

• Create a Blueprint for Wealth: If you have enough money to meet your basic needs—ask yourself, “what else do I need to be happy?” Prioritize and plan.

“You need to be the architect of your life and create a blueprint for true wealth,” he adds.

• Understand the Importance of Credit Scores: Many people don’t understand money’s impact on their future, for example, a high score can mean access to better financial loan products and the best rates on those loans, while a low score can cost you money with higher interest rates, or limit your ability to secure loans, sign leases or even land jobs.

“People often overlook the impact credit has on their opportunities. I’m aiming to encourage people to proactively manage their credit, and use it to manifest their destinies,” says Harper.

•Take Small Steps: You can increase your credit score by taking several steps, such as establishing a track record of paying bills on time, paying down debt and using financial tools that can possibly impact your score immediately, like Experian Boost. Also, Harper stresses you should keep your usage of credit low, and only make purchases you can afford.

“Everyone deserves a fair shot at achieving their financial dreams, and access to capital is a part of that, but it should be done wisely,” says Harper. “Understanding how your credit score is calculated and what you can do to maintain it will position you for financial success.”

• Be Truly Wealthy: Harper believes that money is simply a resource that helps people build the lives and communities they want, and that true “wealth” means being healthy, happy and having a positive relationship with money.

“Some of the most important financial concepts for young people to understand are the power of savings, the time value of money, and compounded interest. If you start saving just a little bit early on, compound interest will work on your behalf. It can transform your life and the financial wellbeing of your family,” says Harper.

To learn more about Harper and Experian Boost, visit

Wisdom can be a game changer when it comes to finances. Consider the financial lessons those in-the-know would tell themselves if they could turn back the clock.


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